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Designer clothes atelier "Dancing people" – services

Designer clothes studio "Dancing people" specializes in individual clothes-tailoring, creating exclusive accessories and the production of specially designed costumes in small batches.We create custom-made suits of all levels of complexity and cost, but always of the highest level of workmanship and artistry!

In our studio you can order individual tailoring of women's and men's clothing (or a group of costumes to order, produced in small series): costumes for ballroom dancing, gymnastics, figure skating, synchronized swimming, sports, pop music, theater, shows, carnivals and costumed performances, advertising campaigns, BTL and promotion actions

You can also order custom tailoring for special occasions: stylish evening dresses, ball gowns for girls, wedding dresses, dresses for prom, dresses rating. And just any clothes you like, provided on our site.

In the "Dancing people" atelier you can buy ready-made products of our manufacturing, made in small batches: ballroom dancing costumes: dresses for the Standard and Latin, men's trousers and shirts for the Standard and Latin, tail-coat shirts, men's classic jackets for the Standard. And also, you can purchase sewing costumes represented in the store, of all sizes and colors. Training clothing for ballroom dancing: skirts Standard and Latin, women's trousers, tops and blouses.

Costumes for sports: figure skating costumes, swimwear for rhythmic gymnastics with short and long sleeves, including with a skirt. In addition, you can buy artificial decorative flowers made of special fabrics, as well as exclusive, handmade clothing accessories and jewelery.



Design from 4500 roub.
Rating dress from 6000 roub.
St dress from 17000 roub.
La dress from 1300 roub.
St shirt  from 4500 roub.
La shirt from 8000 roub.
St jacket from 6000 roub.
St trousers from 4700roub.
    children from 4700 roub.
La trousers from 6000 roub.
    children from 6000 roub.
Badlon from 5000 roub. 
Tail-coat from 20000 roub. 
Tain-coat shirt from 5500 roub.

Gloves 1500 roub.
Mitts (1 pcs) 450 roub.
Bracelet (1 pcs) 200 roub.
Crystal decoration (1gross+glue)
  I difficulty grade (ss14-24)



  I* difficulty grade (ss5-12) 350 roub.
  II difficulty grade (ss14-24, more than 2 colours, simple pattern) 380 roub.
  II* difficulty grade (ss5-12, more than 2 colours, simple pattern) 400roub.
  III difficulty grade (ss14-24, more than 2 colours, complicated pattern) 430 roub.
  III* difficulty grade (ss5-12, more than 2 colours, complicated pattern) 450 roub.

Rating dress from 3500 roub
St trousers from 2600 roub
St shirt from 1700 roub
La training skirt from 1000 roub
St training skirt from 2000 roub
Badlon from 1800 roub

Designer's work from 4500 roub
Gymnastic suit, body from 4000 roub
Lycra trousers from 3000 roub
Paint decoration (without paint cost) 500 roub/hour

Bodice + skirt from 10000 roub
Beads decoration 550 roub/hour

Bodice + shorts from 6900 roub
Overall (slop) from 7000 roub
Dress from 10000 roub







For men
Tuxedo from 25000 roub
Tail-coat from 30000 roub
Business suite from 22000 roub
Trousers from 8000 roub
Jacket from 12000 roub
Vest from 7000 roub
For women
Women's business suite from 20000 roub
Prom dress** from 9000 roub
Wedding dress** from 15000 roub
Evening dress** from 10000 roub
Skirt from 5000 roub
Jacket from 7500 roub
Trousers from 7000 roub

*Design price is included

**Design from 1500 roub.

Coat from 18000 roub
Jacket (with lining) from 9000 roub
Skirt from 4500 roub
Trousers from 6500 roub
Blouse from 5000 roub
Top from 3000 roub
Swimsuite (single) from 5000 roub
Swimsuite (separate) from 7000 roub
Badlon from 3500 roub
Dress** from 8000 roub
Vest from 5000 roub


I difficulty grade (ss14-24, more than 2 colours, simple pattern)


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General information about us:
ATELIER Dancing People creates enchanting costumes for dance, figure skating and gymnastics. Our designers are creators, who sensitively feel the image, the character. Original models, fashionable color schemes and stylish decor will help you to stand out and fully reveal yourself in your performance.
Office 20, 4, Konstantina Zaslonova str., St Petersburg,
Russia, ZIP: 191119
Working hours:
Tuesday-Friday 11.00-20.00
Saturday: 11.00-17.00
Sunday, Monday - closed
Contact us:
+7 (812) 575 50 55 (atelier) 
+7 (921) 935 89 51 Irina Pecherskaya (sales manager)